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Dragon City hack

Dragon City is a game that has been downloaded around the world several million times. Probably you’ve heard about it before, but in case it was completely different, I decided today to regale you with a handful of information about the above-mentioned app. Many of the secrets of the game itself will not tell you, but if you ever wonder what it is, you will find everything you need in this entry.
The virtual world of Dragon City hack is available only via the Internet. It is a big minus, because it means that when we are offline, we can not improve the buildings, wards or even check what is happening in our village. So if you rarely have access to the network, you probably want to quit downloading this game before reading the next paragraph.

Dragon City Hack Download

dragon city hack
Our mission in Dragon City – according to what I wrote in the title – is to breed dragons. To be more exact, to manage their village, where they have their catwalks, farms and other more or less useful spots. While at the beginning our plot is not too large, after some time we can enlarge it, which, however, is associated with additional costs. And it’s quite big.

We can modify our charges by giving them fruits to eat. We get food mainly from the farm, which we can build and improve to the appropriate size. When it comes to dragons, we have quite a lot of them in the game. Of course, not every one of them is right for us right away. First, you need to deal with these less „wypasyymi”, and only then use the services of their winged or fire brothers Dragon City Hack.

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